The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Gaming Community

Video games throughout the years have sparked different types of communities based on the games that are played. With the invention of online multiplayer games it has helped shape those communities more and more. Some of the communities are very helpful, respectful, and caring. But there are some others out there if you don’t know what you’re doing you will get ripped limb from limb by the players. Let us take a look into some of these communities.

1. Call of Duty


Within the realm of Call of Duty you can find yourself with a couple of different members of the community. The first is the screaming twelve-year-olds that somehow magically obtained the game. They are usually always being loud and obnoxious, always saying that the way that they were killed was a whole bunch of bullshit. Some of these young ones have some rather dirty mouths on them, saying things that you would never think of. Another member of this community are the adults. This group can vary in the way the communicate. Some of them whenever they hear the younger community members will instantly start making fun of the young-ins in the lobby. They will continue to do this until they leave. The other member of the adult community is usually always communicating with their team to make sure their team will secure the win.

2. The Elder Scrolls Series


This community is one of the most helpful within the gaming community. These players are always posting on forums informing others about secret locations, chests, and items that average players might not be able to find. Along with this, they are posting the best builds for each of the classes that players can choose from. There never is any criticism for a player that might be a newcomer, it is a lot more welcoming than Call of Duty’s community. You will always be learning new aspects of the game and the upcoming expansions that you might not have ever heard of.

3. Grand Theft Auto


This game has been a hit for the past decade ever since the third one that came out on the Play Station 2. Ever since the online capability that was brought into the game back when the fourth one had been released it has changed the community a bit. It used to just be about the glitches, tricks, and secret items that were in the game. Nowadays with online it is filled with a whole bunch of immature, obnoxious trash talkers. If you are not a high rank in the game, you will find yourself in a world of pain. As soon as you spawn some high ranking player will come along and either gun you down with his high powered rifle or run you over with their tricked out vehicle. Players would think that this will happen just once and then it won’t happen again for a while. This is not the case. They will continue to follow until you leave the lobby. This just detours beginners from playing the online aspect of the game.

4. Minecraft


This game has sold millions of copies and has even made its way onto consoles now. The community game is filled with helpful and inspired members. There are forums all over the internet that provide players with building tutorials and tricks to help beginners and intermediate players. The community is very welcoming and helps foster creativity with the ability to make anything your mind desires. Community members are always creating new forums that will lead members to new game types, skins, and mods that are being created to enhance their experience.

5. Left 4 Dead


Left 4 Dead started out on the Xbox 360 and fostered a community that was built on teamwork. This community has always worked together to try and make it through all of the waves of zombie hordes. There weren’t any of those players that were trying to be Rambo by taking on the entire horde by themselves. It never works out to try and be the hero in this community. Even with the difficulty of the game new-comers were always welcomed with open arms no matter how bad they might be. This community has been growing smaller and smaller with the newer zombie games coming out. But those members that still play are a close knit group that are always working together to survive till the end.



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