Is Print Media Dead?

For the past couple years, with the push towards more digital media, people have been saying that print is dead. It might not be as popular as it had used to have been, but print will never disappear. Print is a tangible piece of media that consumer can interact with and is kind of like a traveling salesman. It allows for people to be informed about events, sales, up and coming launches, and much more. People do not need to be connected to WiFi in order to receive the message that is being projected. Next to that print is a very effective media. This is because with most of the promotions that are being sent through e-mail most consumers either delete it or mark it as spam. They aren’t even reading the content that is being created. Without the use of the internet, digital media is dead, print still is sufficient. Print media can also be used in consumers daily lives. This can be done through the use of direct mail use it can include magnets, a card to fit in a wallet, or even a notepad with the companies logo on each page. Print media has been around forever, as it might have gone down a bit in this generation it will never fully go away. Here are a few examples of print media still being used today:

These are examples of boards that are posted outside of businesses that are promoting either upcoming events, sales, or what the shop is.

Each of these is painted advertisements on the businesses building either creatively saying the businesses name or using the logo to promote it.


Posters being posted on boards and telephone poles around the city has been happening over the ages. It is also a very easy media outlet to use to attract attendees to events around the area. Just looking at these boards you can see how many prints have been posted throughout the years.

Here are two separate types of advertisements that can be posted in the windows of businesses. On the left is a bunch of print achievements that the business has achieved over the years. On the right is a business that allows for others to promote their media in their window in order to attract business or attendees.


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