The Underground Community of Street Art

Street art has been considered as a group of delinquents defacing public property. But it is actually a tight niche group that is trying to promote themselves in a visual way. Throughout any city, you can see street art tags all around. Are they just there for the artist to get that sense of going against society by tagging a wall. Or is there something more there to the art. Whatever the tag is it brings some sense of enjoyment from the one that has created it. Nowadays there are an infinite amount of forums that artists can go on to communicate to other artists about their new work. Through these forums, they are able to send sticker packs between each other. From that, the artists can take the stickers and post them around their local area. Through this, it allows for the artist to be promoted in areas that they can not reach. It could be another state or even another country. Through this street art, it allows for the artists to promote themselves and who their artistic identity is. Over the years or even months artists will changed up their tag or sticker just as companies update their logos. Each artist transforms as companies do.

Here are photos that I have taken over the past year of different street artists around the greater Burlington area in Vermont.


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