Professional Value Statement

Marketing has always played a pivotal role in shaping communities, economies, and the world ever since its existence. Originally this was done through the printed medium, but now today it is moving to a digital age. This will only continue to go grow as the technology does. Now with the implementation of social media, corporations have the ability to create their own community niche on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Through these tools, they are able to communicate with the users of their products to better understand their wants and needs as a whole. It also allows for that community give feedback to the company so they are able to make improvements.  There are new emerging jobs through social media, that can be made into a source of living for some. With these community creators, companies will need to be very selective to make sure their values match up with creators. These communities make up a double edge sword. As they can help by promoting products that give them an essence of value. Or they can destroy a business by belittling them across all messaging boards.

Through these communities, it fosters creativity, ingenuity, and a sense of bonding. Social platforms allow for these communities to give feedback that can help improve on even better goods and services. Voices from different markets can really help with the development process that can foster ideas never thought of. As social connections start to develop and evolve I would like to see more companies trying to connect with their consumers. This will only help propel B2C. It will allow for, ‘us’, marketers to create strategies that will help further developing products or services. Along with this, I think companies should focus on making products or services more customer focused than profit-focused. This will help with community building. Having consumers know that businesses are there to grow with one another they will have more trust within the company and have the ability to become a lifetime customer.